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    Distributed Ledger Directions and Realities for the Financial Markets ...

    2017 Registration is Open!

    Registration for the 2017 running of Blockchain for Wall Street is now open. A very limited number of 'pre-dawn early bird' tickets are available at the lowest rate. WSBA members receive a further discount. Click here to register.

    Blockchain as Financial Enterprise IT

    While the 2016 Blockchain for Wall Street education day covered a number of proof-of-concepts, 2017 most definitely is the year of the distributed ledger pilot. Pilots differ from PoCs with their focus on a complete real-life application and their deployment in production datacenter environments.


    At 2017 Blockchain for Wall Street, blockchain pilot experiences will be featured and analyzed, while enterprise IT deployment and integrations will be explored. As your trading enterprise moves to leverage blockchain, distributed ledgers and smart contracts, Blockchain for Wall Street - Tuesday, November 14th at the New York Law School - will provide essential education and insights for your own success.


    Attendees at Blockchain for Wall Street will hear about:


    - Early financial markets blockchain pilot experiences and lessons learned.

    - Blockchain and distributed ledger performance, scalability and security.

    - Distributed ledger and smart contact applications across the financial markets, from security issuance and trading, to settlement and payments.

    - Identity, privacy and compliance issues and approaches applied to and leveraging blockchain platforms.

    - Private and public blockchain interoperability and use cases.

    - Smart contract application development, testing and legal validation approaches and experiences.

    - Deployment of blockchain technology, leveraging cloud and container technologies, aligned with DevOps principles.

    - Integration of blockchain platforms with traditional databases, big data technologies, CRM and ERP systems, legacy post-trade processing platforms and messaging middleware offerings.

    - Institutional interest, usage and attitude to cryptocurrencies and other blockchain assets.

    - Scaling from blockchain pilots to widespread production deployments.

    Bringing the Wall Street Blockchain Community Together

    Blockchain for Wall Street is a day of practical education, inspiring vision and peer-to-peer engagement, providing an unparalleled opportunity to learn first hand how to play a part in the roll out of blockchain, distributed ledger and smart contract approaches on Wall Street and in the financial markets. Check out what happened at the 2016 debut education day here.

    WSBA: An Advocacy Group for Wall Street in the Distributed Ledger Age

    Blockchain for Wall Street is an annual event from the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, presented for its membership and as a service to the broader industry. The WSBA is a neutral, unbiased steward of education and cooperation between Wall Street firms with a membership that is comprised of some of the most influential and seasoned technologists in the blockchain and distributed ledger community.

    The Blockchain Conference from Lighthouse Partners

    With its first outing on February 10, 2016 in San Francisco, and featuring IBM's first public comments on distributed ledger technology, The Blockchain Conference set a new, professional, standard for educational events in the space. The events brand of Lighthouse Partners, The Blockchain Conference partners with WSBA to raise the bar for blockchain events in the financial services sector with Blockchain for Wall Street.

    How to Participate

    Prospective speakers, sponsors and partners interested in participating in Blockchain for Wall Street should contact Pete Harris of Lighthouse Partners via pete@lighthouse-partners.com. Delegate registration will open in April. Discounted registration will be available for WSBA members.

  • 2016 Education Program

    Technology, Applications, Business, Best Practices, Futures and More ...

    8am - Breakfast (WSBA Members/Special Guests Only)

    Network with fellow WSBA members and sponsors ahead of a members only update and briefing.




    Auditorium Grand Gallery.

    9am - WSBA General Assembly (WSBA Members/Special Guests Only)

    WSBA members (and select guests) can find out the latest news and updates about activities and programs meet the WSBA's leadership, and provide their feedback and input on future directions.


    * Ron Quaranta, Founder & Chairman, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (Host)





    9.45am - Technology Showcase Open

    An early opportunity to interact with sponsors and view their solutions and offerings. Participating companies include:



    Calypso Technology



    Hyperledger Project

    INFURA from ConsenSys

    Manifold Technology

    OTC Exchange Network*



    WSBA (and WCF education and certification)


    * Literature distribution.


    Events Center.

    10.15am - Welcome and Keynote Panel: Killer Blockchain Apps for the Financial Markets

    The educational program begins with a welcome by Ron Quaranta, Founder & Chairman, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance.


    A keynote opening panel will follow, offering a review of the current status of the acceptance, promise and challenges for different financial markets applications - where is the most bang for buck likely going to be?

    • What are some of the blockchain PoC success stories to date - and what do we expect to be the application areas that will drive distributed ledger deployment in coming months?
    • How are those applications changing the game for the financial markets?
    • Is there a business growth potential for blockchain or is it all about cost savings?
    • What's holding acceptance of these key applications back?

    * Ron Quaranta, Founder & Chairman, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance (Moderator)

    * Emmanuel Aidoo, Director, Blockchain & CryptoCurrency Strategy, Credit Suisse

    * Marc Alvarez, Chief Data Officer, Mizuho Securities USA

    * Keith Bear, Vice President, Financial Markets, IBM

    * Sandeep Kumar, Managing Director, Capital Markets, Synechron



    11.15am - Panel: Financial Markets Smart Contracts - Implementing Legally Sound, Predictable and Secure Processes

    Smart contracts are seen as a key technology for automating financial markets processes in a blockchain-centric world - but what issues need to be considered?

    • Which applications are best suited to smart contracts?
    • What is the ideal relationship between legally-agreed prose and actual smart contract code? How can the relationship be verified?
    • What tools exist to create and rigorously test smart contacts?
    • How can smart contract execution be monitored and controlled in production environments?
    • How can smart contracts interact with information services and legacy systems?

    * Richard Johnson, Vice President, Market Structure & Technology, Greenwich Associates (Moderator)

    * Preston Byrne, COO & General Counsel, Monax Industries

    * Bart Cant, Blockchain Community Leader, Capgemini Financial Services

    * Ari Juels, Professor, Cornell Tech and Co-Director, The Initiative for CryptoCurrencies & Contracts (IC3)

    * Joshua Ashley Klayman, Of Counsel, Finance + Projects Group, Morrison Foerster

    * Havell Rodrigues, Co-Founder & CEO, Adjoint



    12.15pm - Presentation: Defining Standards for Blockchain and Smart Contracts in the Financial Markets

    Standards are pervasive in the financial markets world - and have been proven to reduce implementation and operational costs. What standards are emerging, and what is needed, for blockchain and smart contract implementations in the financial markets?

    • What standards exist in the financial markets that relate to blockchain and smart contracts?
    • What new standards need to be developed? What is most pressing?
    • Which organizations might be involved in standards development?

    * Chris Betz, Senior Advisor, Blockchain and FinTech, EDM Council

    * Mike Meriton, Founder & Senior Advisor, Industry Engagement, EDM Council



    12.45pm - Networking Lunch in Technology Showcase

    Exclusive time in the Technology Showcase to interact with sponsors and fellow participants, and view solutions and offerings.


    Events Center and Faculty Commons.

    1.45pm - Panel: Making the Right Blockchain Choices for Financial Markets Applications

    Blockchains come in many shapes and sizes - permissioned vs permissionless, proprietary vs open source, and with a sometimes confusing array of consensus mechanisms underpinning their core functionality. So how does one choose a direction that's right for different financial applications?

    • Assessing distributed ledger and blockchain platforms for specific applications and business use cases
    • Determining how data transparency vs privacy and security plays a role in blockchain choice
    • Understanding blockchain governance and consensus structure and its impact on the integrity of operational applications
    • Taking a POV on open source vs proprietary approaches from a performance and technology risk perspective

    * Chris Burniske, Blockchain Products Lead, ARK Investment Management (Moderator)

    * Chris Ferris, Distinguished Engineer & CTO, Open Technology, IBM and Chair, Technical Steering Committee, Hyperledger Project

    * Rajesh Nair, VP, Engineering, Paxos

    * Dan Robinson, Product Architect, Chain

    * Jean Safar, Chief Architect, Calypso Technology

    * Gordon Sands, Executive Director, IT Architecture, DTCC



    2.45pm - Panel: Financial Markets Blockchain Implementation Considerations and Choices

    Blockchain platforms and applications are not islands, but need to be deployed into IT environments that are already complex and operational. How does one assure a smooth roll out?

    • Best practices for implementation success 
    • Approaches to Implementing blockchain platforms within legacy IT Environments
    • Leveraging cloud and 'as-a-service' offerings
    • Navigating legal aspects of deploying blockchain technology
    • Cybersecurity issues for blockchain in the financial markets

    * Bob Bonomo, President, Bob Bonomo LLC (Moderator)

    * Lewis Cohen, Partner, Hogan Lovells

    * Duncan Johnston-Watt, Founder & CEO, Cloudsoft

    * Sean Ristau, VP, Wealth Management Technology & Institutional Solutions, Raptor Trading Systems and Chair, Digital Currency & Blockchain Working Group, FIX Trading Community

    * Joe Ventura, Founder & CEO, AlphaPoint

    * Michael Wuehler, INFURA Project Lead, ConsenSys



    3.45pm - Networking Break in Technology Showcase

    Exclusive time in the Technology Showcase to interact with sponsors and fellow participants, and view solutions and offerings.


    Events Center.

    4.15pm - Panel: Blockchain for Wall Street in 2017 ... And Beyond

    A look at blockchain's prospects and emerging technology, business and regulatory issues in the financial markets in 2017.

    • What to expect for blockchain on Wall Street in 2017 - which applications will come to reality?
    • Where will Wall Street view blockchain to be on the Gartner Hype Cycle in 2017 ?
    • Will 2017 be a boom year for blockchain patent lawyers?
    • Understanding the emerging regulatory framework for distributed ledgers
    • Beyond 2017 ... will Wall Street's finest be decentralized?

    * Pete Harris, Principal, Lighthouse Partners (Moderator)

    * Brian Kelly, Founder & CEO, BKCM and Leader, PAR

    * Richard Levin, Chair, FinTech & Regulation Practice, Polsinelli

    * Caitlin Long, Chairman & President, Symbiont

    * Houman Shadab, Professor, New York Law School



    5pm - Networking Reception in Technology Showcase

    Exclusive time in the Technology Showcase to unwind over drinks and interact with sponsors and fellow participants, and a final opportunity to view solutions and offerings.


    Events Center.

    6.30pm - Informal After Party

    For those that want to continue to network in an informal setting, there will likely be a gathering at a local bar.



  • 2016 Speakers and Participants

    Learn From and Engage With Our Expert Faculty ...

    Conference Chair: Ron Quaranta

    Chairman, Wall Street Blockchain Alliance

    Ron Quaranta is Founder and Chairman of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, an advocacy group for Wall Street in the Distributed Ledger age.

    Conference Co-Chair: Pete Harris

    Principal, Lighthouse Partners

    Pete Harris is Principal of Lighthouse Partners, a consulting firm focused on business acceleration for disruptive and transformative technologies.

    Emmanuel Aidoo

    Director, Blockchain & CryptoCurrency Strategy, Credit Suisse

    Emmanuel Aidoo is a Director at Credit Suisse within the Global Markets Division where he leads the blockchain and distributed ledger practice.

    Marc Alvarez

    Chief Data Officer, Mizuho Securities USA

    For Mizuho Securities, Marc Alvarez brings his experience as an expert solution architect and project director with deep expertise in financial market data, applications, and operations from front through to back office.

    Keith Bear

    VP, Global Financial Markets, IBM

    At IBM, Keith Bear has global responsibility for strategy and development of its multi-billion dollar business in the financial markets.

    Chris Betz

    Senior Advisor, Blockchain and Fintech, EDM Council

    Chris Betz is advising the EDM Council and it's members on applications, use cases and roadmap for FIBO™ - an open industry “common language” ontology and standards for blockchain and financial "smart contracts".

    Bob Bonomo

    President, Bob Bonomo, LLC

    Bob Bonomo is a blockchain technology expert, who was CIO at two Wall Street firms, and has spent more than 20 years designing, delivering and managing innovative global financial systems, processes and teams.

    Chris Burniske

    Blockchain Products Lead, ARK Investment Management

    Chris Burniske spearheads product development and research around blockchain technology at ARK Investment Management. In 2015, ARK Invest became the first public fund manager to invest in bitcoin, offering the first two ETFs (ARKW and ARKK) with bitcoin exposure. Chris frequently appears in media outlets—including CNBC, Bloomberg, Forbes, USA Today, Reuters, and CoinDesk—to discuss blockchain technology. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a BS from Stanford.

    Preston Byrne

    COO & General Counsel, Monax Industries

    Preston Byrne is Monax Industries' COO and General Counsel. A structured finance and derivatives lawyer by training, he is also a fellow of the Adam Smith Institute, a libertarian think tank, in London. In his free time, he advocates in favour of marmot habitat conservation.

    Bart Cant

    Blockchain Community Leader, Capgemini Financial Services

    Bart Cant is Founder and Community Leader for Capgemini's Blockchain Practice. He Leads use case and technology assessment, development of proof of concepts for bitcoin, blockchain and distributed ledger technology within financial services.

    Lewis Cohen

    Partner, Hogan Lovells

    Lewis Cohen is a partner in the Capital Markets practice in Hogan Lovells’ New York office, focusing his practice on structured finance transactions. He is a member of the Board of the Structured Finance Industry Group, the leading trade association dedicated to the structured finance sector and co-chairs their Blockchain and Structured Finance Task Force.

    Chris Ferris

    Distinguished Engineer & CTO, Open Technology, IBM and Chair, Technical Steering Committee, Hyperledger Project

    With a 36+ year IT career, Chris Ferris is responsible for IBM's strategic open technology initiatives, including OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Hyperledger Project, Open Container Initiative, Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Mesos, Node.js and Docker and more.

    Richard Johnson

    Vice President, Market Structure & Technology, Greenwich Associates

    Richard Johnson focuses on equities and financial technology in Greenwich Associates' Market Structure and Technology practice. He has 20 years of industry experience in financial markets, specializing in equities electronic trading.

    Duncan Johnston-Watt

    Founder & CEO, Cloudsoft

    Duncan Johnston-Watt is a serial entrepreneur and industry visionary with over twenty years experience in the software industry. Immediately prior to founding Cloudsoft, Duncan was CTO at Enigmatec Corporation, the enterprise data center automation company he founded in 2001. Enigmatec was sold to iWave which was subsequently acquired by EMC.

    Ari Juels

    Professor, Cornell Tech and Co-Director, The Initiative for CryptoCurrencies & Contracts (IC3)

    Ari Juels is a Professor at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech where IC3 is hosted as an initiative of faculty members. He was previously Chief Scientist of RSA, the security division of EMC (now Dell Technologies).

    Brian Kelly

    Founder & CEO, BKCM and Leader, PAR

    Brian Kelly is an investor, author, and financial markets commentator. He is an expert in global financial markets, macro-economics and digital currencies. His most recent start-up BKCM is a global investment management firm specializing in Global Macro and Currency investing. He also leads the PAR project, which is developing a capital pool administration tool that will leverage the strengths of cryptocurrency to do the same job as an administrator at a fraction of the cost.

    Joshua Ashley Klayman

    Of Counsel, Finance + Projects Group, Morrison Foerster

    At Morrison Foerster, Ms. Klayman is a Founding Member and Head of the firm's Blockchain + Smart Contracts Group, which provides a holistic, comprehensive approach to the emerging blockchain, smart contracts and distributed ledger space.

    Sandeep Kumar

    Managing Director, Capital Markets, Synechron

    Sandeep Kumar is a proven business operations strategist and technology expert with over 25 years’ experience in capital markets consulting. He has worked with some of the world’s largest buy- and sell-side firms to design and implement transformative, global technology solutions that enhance operating models, streamline data capabilities and increase revenue. Kumar has been instrumental in the conception of Synechron’s blockchain accelerators which streamline operations, simplify complex data synchronization and consolidate fragmented business functions.

    Richard Levin

    Chair, FinTech & Regulation Team, Polsinelli

    At Polsinelli, Richard Levin is Chair of the FinTech & Regulation Practice. He is a former General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer specializing in financial services industry, representing broker/dealers, alternative trading systems, exchanges, peer to peer lenders, and digital currency platforms.

    Caitlin Long

    Chairman & President, Symbiont

    Formerly with Morgan Stanley, Caitlin Long is a blockchain thought leader and recently joined the leadership team at Symbiont.

    Mike Meriton

    Founder & Senior Advisor, Industry Engagement, EDM Council

    Mike Meriton is the Founder and first Chairman of the Enterprise Data Management Council, where he works on strategic initiatives, including the FIBO™ (Financial Industry Business Ontology) open standard.

    Rajesh Nair

    VP, Engineering, Paxos

    Rajesh Nair is VP of Engineering at Paxos. He has over 15 years of experience working at both financial services and silicon valley technology companies. Prior to joining Paxos, Raj was Chief Architect on the trading system and enterprise data hub at BlackRock.

    Sean Ristau

    VP, Wealth Management Technology & Institutional Solutions, Raptor Trading Systems and Chair, Digital Currency & Blockchain Working Group, FIX Trading Community

    Working within the FIX Trading Community, Raptor's Sean Ristau is leading efforts to promote the FIX messaging protocol as a natural complement to blockchain for financial systems integration.

    Dan Robinson

    Product Architect, Chain

    At Chain, Dan Robinson designs blockchain-based financial applications and works on the core architecture of the Chain Protocol. He previously was a litigation associate at Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison LLP, with a focus on securities and derivatives litigation.

    Havell Rodrigues

    Co-Founder & CEO, Adjoint

    Havell Rodrigues is CEO of Adjoint, which is building a messaging and consensus protocol allowing enterprises to quickly deploy, maintain, and analyze smart contracts on top of a mathematically verified, cryptoledger fabric.

    Jean Safar

    Chief Architect, Calypso Technology

    At Calypso, Jean Safar manages the core teams that build the company's platform and runs an internal Innovation Incubator. He also leads all blockchain initiatives, partnerships and participations in consortiums.

    Gordon Sands

    Executive Director, IT Architecture, DTCC

    With 27 years of IT experience, Gordon Sands has an executive position in the technology leadership team at DTCC, responsible for organizing and developing architecture department and practice:

    Houman Shadab

    Professor, New York Law School

    Houman Shadab is an expert in financial law at New York Law School where he focuses on fintech, hedge funds, derivatives, securitization, startups, payment systems, bitcoin and distributed ledgers. He is also the cofounder of Clause, a startup building autonomous contracts for the Internet of Things.

    Joe Ventura

    Founder & CEO, AlphaPoint

    Joe Ventura has over 15 years of software architecture experience to AlphaPoint, specializing in secure, scalable, and high-performance financial systems. Joe previously designed and implemented multiple large, complex, high-speed, and low-latency software systems for multiple financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank, UBS, and Merrill Lynch.

    Michael Wuehler

    INFURA Project Lead, ConsenSys

    With 20+ years of IT experience, including a lengthy time at Bank of America Merrill Lynch where he managed Global Markets infrastructure, Michael Wuehler leads the INFURA Project which is a core infrastructure spoke at ConsenSys.

  • 2016 Sponsors

    Blockchain for Wall Street Thanks ...

    Program Sponsor: AlphaPoint

    AlphaPoint is a financial technology company that powers digital asset networks and provides institutions blockchain-enabled solutions to store, track, and trade digital assets. Its secure, scalable, and customizable platform enables customers to deploy blockchain technology to innovate, differentiate, and transform their businesses.

    Program Sponsor: Calypso Technology

    Calypso Technology is a leading provider of cross-asset front-to-back technology solutions for financial markets. It provides customers with a single platform for consolidation, innovation and growth. With 19 years of experience delivering software and services for trading, risk management, processing and accounting, the Calypso solution helps bring simplicity to complex business and technology challenges.

    Program Sponsor: Capgemini

    With more than 180,000 people in over 40 countries, Capgemini is a global leader in consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Together with its clients, Capgemini creates and delivers business, technology and digital solutions that fit their needs, enabling them to achieve innovation and competitiveness.

    Program Sponsor: Cloudsoft

    Cloudsoft is the leading hybrid cloud application management company. A member of the Hyperledger Project, Cloudsoft is the company behind the open source Apache Brooklyn project, and Clocker, the Docker cloud maker.

    Program Sponsor: Polsinelli

    Polsinelli attorneys provide practical legal counsel infused with business insight, and focus on health care, financial services, real estate, intellectual property, mid-market corporate, and business litigation.

    Program Sponsor: Synechron

    Global financial services consulting and technology services provider Synechron launched its Blockchain Accelerator Program that includes its first six blockchain applications available in the cloud.

    Showcase Sponsor: Hyperledger Project

    The Hyperledger project is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. It is a global collaboration including leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chain, manufacturing and technology. The Linux Foundation hosts Hyperledger as a Collaborative Project under the foundation.

    Showcase Sponsor: INFURA

    INFURA is a service of ConsenSys, a venture production studio. ConsenSys builds decentralized applications, enterprise solutions and developer tools for blockchain ecosystems, focusing primarily on Ethereum.

    Showcase Sponsor: Manifold Technology

    Manifold Technology is a venture-backed startup based in Sunnyvale, CA. Manifold has created an extremely high-throughput, dynamically scalable and extensible blockchain platform. Global 15 financial institutions are operating the Manifold platform in production to perform real-time exchange and settlement of assets.

    Showcase Sponsor: OTC Exchange Network

    OTC Exchange Network - OTCXN - is a FinTech company headquartered in San Francisco, which is developing a P2P trading network starting with institutional trading in the $5.1 trillion per day FX market. OTCXN is using blockchain, smart contracts and related emergent technologies to solve the single biggest problem in the biggest market in the world: the elimination of credit intermediation in the FX market.

  • 2017 Partners

    Blockchain for Wall Street Also Thanks ...

    Program and Event Partner: Lighthouse Partners

    Lighthouse Partners provides business acceleration services to transformative IT vendors, with a particular focus on blockchain technologies.

    Event PR and Media/Association Partner Liaison​: Massing PR

    Massing PR offers high-quality, personalized and cost-effective public relations, marketing director and advisory services to software engineering consulting and technology companies, particularly in financial services.

  • 2017 Venue

    Location, Location, Location ...

    New York Law School

    Blockchain for Wall Street will once again be held at New York Law School, which is located at:


    185 West Broadway
    New York, NY 10013


    Convenient. Modern. Upscale. New York Law School is located in the heart of TriBeCa in Lower Manhattan, within walking distance of Wall Street.


    Click here for a map of the area.


    Click here for a downloadable map and directions.

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